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Big Jeff Warm for the Winter
This is a promotional clip for children's entertainer, Big Jeff From his winter record, Warm for the Winter. This is an excerpt from the song "Hot Cocoa" and features Jeff and a cast of crayon drawings. Shot on the green screen at beelmedia studios. I also produced a full legnth DVD callled "Big Jeff & Friends."

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Gypsy Animation System
This is an industrial I edited for producers Steve Marino and Peter Wallach. The video demonstrates the use of the Gypsy animation system, which allows an actor to feed movement data to a laptop in real time without wires or any of the other trappings of traditional motion capture systems. There are two clips available, the industrial and the cartoon itself.

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Every year Scholastic brings in teachers from all over the country in order to gather feedback and suggestions for their book clubs. I was brought in to cover the conference and create this video under an extremely tight deadline of 24 hours from start of the shoot to handing off the DVD master. Fortunately, I was able to make the motioin graphics ahead of time.

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UNUM 150th Anniversary Corporate Identity Video
This is an industrial I edited for UNUM an insurance company based in Portland, Maine.

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Sportfighting 3 Highlight Reel
Highlights from the a mixed martial arts/ultimate fighting event DVD I produced. I created the motion graphics, shot it and did the editing.

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